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OneNote why is no one shouting from the hills? May 14, 2011

Posted by Ivor's Window to the IT and CRM World in Microsoft Office.

In recent weeks I have shown Microsoft OneNote to seven people who were totally unaware of its existence, all of whom are users of Office 2007 or Office 2010. One or two said that they had seen it in the menu, the others had not even noticed it whatsoever.

This is one of the most amazing pieces of software for anyone who has to write anything down, attend meetings or record any form of data of whatever form.

I am not going to describe the product, there are plenty of videos on line that explain how it works, I have attached two of these links for you.



 At the beginning of the year my 18 year old son went off to University. Under duress I forced him to watch some OneNote videos, and after one semester I am astounded at all the things he has managed to do with the product. He has become an evangelist for it, and watches with amusement others struggling in lectures to take notes using Microsoft Word.

Most people just need that “I get it” moment when they see this product and they will be sold and never look back. What worries me is that no one is shouting loud enough from the hills to let people know that the product even exists.

What is more, if you are running Microsoft Office, you have paid for it and it is there just waiting to be used.

So my challenge to you all! If you use it, show a friend, if you don’t, take 20 minutes out of your diary, watch the videos and have a play. It could save you many many hours.



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