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Security on CRM Forms May 14, 2011

Posted by Ivor's Window to the IT and CRM World in Microsoft CRM.

CRM 2011 allows you to have more than 1 form for an entity, and this is a very powerful and useful addition to the system.
Generally you will be creating these forms during your development and before you create or assign any security roles.

However if you click the Assign Security Role button (In the all forms view) you will see that as a default, the system will only add this form for System Administrator and System Customizer. Any other role will not be able to see it.

This has serious implications down the track if at some stage you want a user to see the form, the only way this can be done is using the Customise Entity Functionality, which involves a change to the customisation (Changing this above screen) and then the re-publication of the entity, which you may not wish to be done on a production or UAT environment where the security roles are a far more business orientated concept with a higher level of fluidity.

Remember it cannot be managed from standard security roles.

Therefore you should ideally tick the “Display to everyone” box which will then show the form in any security role that you create or modify on the system over time.

So although this new functionality can add a layer of very cool security at a form level, if the intended users of the form are other than Administrators and you will be adding new security roles over time, you will need to set up forms security like this, otherwise you may well end up having to make this change and republish the customisations after deployment or at any time that a new security role is required to be added to CRM.

I got caught by this, and was initially surprised that I could not see the form when logged on as a user and more surprised that I could not change this using the normal security roles function of CRM.



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