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Reward and Recognition in Using CRM Systems September 11, 2011

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On a number of CRM projects where I have worked over the years, I have seen and undertaken some specific and interesting reward and recognition programmes to encourage new users of the system to start making full or better use of the functionality.

Four of these are detailed for interest purposes.

System Sergeant

On one implementation within the Banking sector we had one of our team monitoring each users activities and when a user made use of a function for the first time, he or she was issued with a coloured flag (Out of a set of 12 different colours, each meaning a particular function) which was placed in a holder on their desk. The flag was issued by a staff member who was called the System Sergeant, and it was done in a very formal manner at a specific time each week.

What this meant was that some users soon had many more flags than their colleagues. Peer pressure caused more take-up of the system.

It it’s not in CRM it did not happen

We had a business requirement that our sales executives make at least 2 calls per day, most were making many more than this, however they were not being entered into CRM.

Over the course of the first six months of the system, the staff were bombarded with a manta “If it’s not in CRM it did not happen. On the day that bonuses were normally issued, management made an announcement that only 2 of the 62 sales staff were eligible for bonuses in that the remaining 60 had not made the minimum number of calls over the last 6 months.

There was a huge outcry. Management were firm. “Well the calls are not in CRM, so we can’t prove that they happened, this is a basic KPI and it has not been met”

The staff were given the weekend to update their calls and were told that a reassessment would take place on the Monday. All the calls for the 6 months were up to date by Sunday evening.

Above and Below Average

On another project we produced a number of reports showing those who were above or below average in terms of calls, activities and marketing projects within CRM. These reports were placed on the staff notice board in the Lunch Room.

As this was visible to all staff, we had an immediate uptake of the system, no one wants to be seen as a slacker, especially when all the junior staff were the first to get to the board when the figures were published every week.

Hit them in the pocket

On one project the existing data was in bad shape and required that the sales team did some cleaning to get is sorted out. Targets were set and each salesperson had a target number of customer records that needed updating. When an evaluation was undertaken those who had not met their targets had a negative mark associated with their annual performance appraisal which had an effect on the size of increase that they would be given.

Before the process was started the team were told of the consequences and therefore the miscreants only had themselves to blame.




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