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CRM 2011– Lookup Search is different to CRM 4.0 November 9, 2011

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I recently found something quite interesting while building a lookup in CRM 2011.

Sometimes when you create a lookup field on an entity you may wish to have more than one field that can be used as a search, for example when looking up a contact you may want to have First Name, Last Name, Telephone number etc. being something that you type into the lookup field and then it would return the data.

In CRM 4.0 you would do this by adding the field to to the Entity Lookup View (Add Find Columns)



This was the same for custom entities as well.


Now in CRM 2011 I discovered that the “Add Find Columns” was not available in the Lookup View, and I reasoned that maybe as you now have the option to make a field searchable that this would solve the issue.




You will see from above that the option to do the Find is not available.

Changing the field searchable option also does not work



So what is the answer, I was surprised to find that all you have to do is add the “Find” to the Quick Find View which has the option available , and this will then make the field searchable in your lookups.




It was such a simple question and hopefully this will spare others from having to try and work this out.



1. Greg - November 10, 2011

Great find! The power of the Quick Find View

2. Vardas - May 11, 2012

thanks! helped alot 🙂

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